How Wide Span Roller Shutters Protect Your Business

If you’ve got an industrial or commercial property with large openings, you’ll need to secure them. Wide span roller shutters are a robust and durable solution to secure expansive areas. Security Plus Shutters commercial wide span roller shutters are ideal for any space wider than 3 meters. Read on to discover how wide industrial roller shutters provide insulation, security, and aesthetic appeal to your property.

What Are Wide Span Roller Shutters?

Wide span shutters, sometimes called large-scale or industrial roller shutters, are a practical and elegant solution for larger openings. Also perfect for light commercial use, our wide shutters can be used in shopping centres to close off bin areas or secure car park sections.

Our heavy-duty shutters are made from aluminium with a 55mm double-walled cavity of polyurethane (PU) that’s injected during the roll-forming process. Our wide shutters are ideal for openings up to 50% larger than standard domestic profiles to ensure your property remains secure and safe.

What Features Do Industrial Roller Shutters Have?

Our customised commercial roller shutters are available in various designs and colour choices to match your branding and aesthetic preferences. The benefits of choosing Security Plus wide roller shutters include:

  • Improved security and peace of mind at your business premises.
  • Increased insulation to keep your property cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Protection from strong weather events like strong winds, storms, and fire.
  • An obstacle detection motor that detects whether it’s safe to lift or lower the wide shutters.

How Industrial Shutters Protect Your Property

Security Plus Shutters commercial wide-span roller shutters offer a high level of security. Our robust roller shutters are a powerful visual deterrent and a physical obstacle that deters would-be intruders from targeting your business. The tamper-proof aluminium barrier protects the walls and windows against damage or graffiti. All Security Plus-wide shutters comply with Australian Standards and have been tested and approved by the CSIRO.

Are Commercial Wide Span Shutters Easy To Use?

Our commercial property roller shutters are simple to use and can be operated by a 12V battery or hard-wired into the building. All roller shutter motors can be operated separately using one or multiple remotes. They can also be synced to operate together. With a smooth motorised drive system, our roller shutters give you full control at the touch of a button. Using the Somfy Connexion App, our commercial shutters can be closed or opened from your phone. All our motors meet the Australian Electrical Standards and have the EESS Compliance Regulatory Mark.

If power isn’t available, you can still operate your commercial shutters manually using features like the manual winder with stainless steel cable, cord winder, pull strap, and spring-operated lockable bottom bar.

Get High-Quality, Affordable Commercial Roller Shutters

Wide industrial roller shutters provide the perfect blend of security, insulation, and peace of mind. Since 1992, Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds has been committed to providing affordable, high-quality security to businesses in Melbourne and SydneyContact us today to arrange a free consultation and quote for security doors in Melbourne and Sydney.