5 Benefits of Domestic Rollers Shutters

Are you worried about the number of burglaries in your neighbourhood? Want your home to remain secure at all times of day and night? Domestic roller shutters are the ideal solution to keep your family safe while giving you peace of mind. Security Plus Shutters domestic roller shutters in Melbourne and Sydney offer a stylish appearance with long-lasting protection. But roller shutters for your home aren’t just about security; read on to find out the other benefits of installing roller shutters at home. 

1. Protect your family from intruders

The latest crime statistics from Melbourne and Sydney show that property and deception offences increase yearly. Rather than lying awake, worrying if you’re the next aggravated burglary victim, why not install residential roller shutters? Our range of security shutters for the home is a simple way to keep your family safe from intruders. Fitted onto doors or windows, potential intruders won’t be able to peek into your home to see what they could steal. Our aluminium roller shutters for homes offer long-lasting protection with a sleek, stylish appearance.

2. Protect your home from harsh weather conditions

There’s little doubt Australia’s weather conditions are becoming more uncertain and unpredictable. The Australian Climate Service states, “Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of many natural disaster events. Changes in the underlying climate averages are driving an increased frequency and intensity of events.” With extreme heat, hail, damaging storms, and floods on the rise, traditional flywire screens and doors aren’t up to protecting your home. Roller shutters are a barrier between the weather and your windows and doors to protect your home from intense rain, wind, heat and hailstorms. 

3. Reduce noise in your home

If you live on a busy road, are a shift worker or a light sleeper, you’ll know how important it is to reduce the amount of noise in your home. When you install roller shutters on the doors and windows of your home, the amount of sound that enters and exits your home is significantly reduced. Using advanced sealing techniques and high-quality materials, our roller shutters will effectively reduce the noise in your home.

4. Save money on energy bills

With the cost of electricity going through the roof, it makes sense to take every step to reduce the energy your home uses. And while glass windows with curtains or other window coverings can help prevent heat or cold from transferring outside, they’re unable to seal your home. When roller shutters are installed on your windows and doors, they act as thermal insulators and prevent leakages of heat or cool air into or out of your home. Our domestic shutters for windows and doors provide an air pocket seal so your energy usage to heat and cool reduces.

5. Protection from the weather

Roller shutters on your windows and doors can protect your home from harsh weather conditions. From hailstorms and torrential rain to high winds that can wreak havoc on the glass. Installing roller shutters on your windows will prevent flying debris from cracking and smashing the glass. Security Plus Shutters offers roller shutters for homes that provide an insulated barrier between the glass and the weather. They can also keep your window seals safe from water damage.

Residential roller shutters also shield your family and pets from the loud sounds accompanying storms and help your home environment feel calm and safe.

Why choose Security Plus Shutters for your domestic roller shutters?

Installing roller shutters in your home gives you the perfect blend of insulation, protection, and comfort. Our roller shutters are crafted to create an energy-efficient living environment for the ultimate security and comfort in your home. Since 1992, Security Plus Shutters, Doors & Blinds has been committed to providing quality security and furnishing solutions to homes and businesses in Melbourne and Sydney. Our wide range of roller doors for the home offers thousands of Australians a secure home and peace of mind. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and quote for security doors in Melbourne and Sydney.